The Empty Window

The Empty Window

Body of work performed at the New York Film Academy


During four weeks, Nuno absorbed the knowledge of the NYFA´s excellent photographers. He developed a project that would reveal his vision of how we are immune to emotions and events transmitted by the television and the media in general. Everything is consumed in the same way and with the same neutrality. In a moment, we are seeing images of war, of extreme poverty, or death, and in the next instant we switched to a sports game, to an idyllic scenario of a hollywood movie, or we get carried away by the appealing advertising of any product that tells us we need to buy it to be happy.

The fast-food type of relationship that the human being has today with the different realities of our world, that reaches us through the media, is no more than a reflection of the misinformation by the excess of this same information, which comes as an avalanche without control or criteria. Today, the news is just a product to sell, and the real content no longer matters, as we just look to the wrapping paper, without the capacity to judge, analyze, think about and do something to change.

The television broadcast ends with a "No signal" and this is the moment that defines our connection with the world.

The images belong to the urban daily life of New York City, and were fully captured through the frame of an old television attached to a tripod and carried throughout the city, proving to be a technical challenge but adding the fundamental realistic component to the concept of this project.